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Zoe Polanski

Zoe Polanski is a composer, sound artist, producer, and guitar player. Her music travels between the worlds of Ambient, Electronica, and Post Rock. It was described as a “trip through the geography of musical time” (Ben Shalev, HaAretz, 2017) and as having a “dimension of blurriness and fog yet precise and stylistic”. Like modern music” (Yali Sobol, HaAretz, 2017). Polanski produced three solo albums, the third of which was published in the summer of 2020 by the American label Youngbloods. She composed soundtracks for works of fine art, film, and dance, exhibited sound installations, and played guitar with acclaimed Israeli musicians such as Riff Cohen, Yali Sobol, and Dana Berger. In 2020 Polanski was awarded the Rosenblum prize for performing arts from the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality in the “Young and Promising Artists” category.

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