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In 1996, Arik Kneller founded Kneller Artists’ Agency, which currently represents over 200 of Israel’s leading artists and creative professionals in the fields of television, film, theater, literature, music, and advertising.

Mr. Kneller began his professional career as the showrunner for his late cousin Talya Shapira’s play “Achat Ha’am” (One of the People) and as producer of the album “Summer Seeds” by his close friend, the late Meir Ariel. Ariel and Shapira were both mentors and provided Arik with artistic inspiration. He also produced Ran Ephron’s first album, as well as the plays “Loop” and “Taken for Granted”, by Yossef El-Dror, “Shakespeare – What is this?” by Shuly Rand and Eitan Blum, and “Missing Kissinger”, a play based on Etgar Keret’s short stories.

Arik Kneller was the first in Israel to establish an agency focusing solely on representation of writers and creative professionals. The agency employs ten agents comprising its various departments: Individual Representation, Contracts, Advertising and Commercials, Accounting, and International Projects.

The agency provides contract negotiation and drafting services as well as legal consultation while placing special emphasis on the unique dialogue between agents and the talents they represent, as well as on close collaboration with broadcasters, theaters, publishing houses, production companies, advertising firms, and Israeli film funds. Agents are divided into professional divisions in the variety of fields in which we deal, under the sub-agent method customary at international agencies.

In addition, thanks to our contacts and vast network of relationships with international companies and entities, our talents receive consultation and are included in projects in a multitude of fields outside of Israel. 

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