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Yossi Marshak

Actor, writer, director.

 Itamar, Hakol Dvash, Yael Polliakov.
Yaniv, Yellow Peppers, Karen Margalit.(also known as The A Word, BBC)
Dari,  Waking The Bear, Karen Margalit.
Various characters, The Jews Are Coming, Kobi Havia.
Tamir, Losing Alice, Sigal avin. ( Apple TV)
Ya-ya Mishor False Flag, Oded Raz. (Fox International)
Forges, The Truth, Dafna Levin.
Dudi, Home Alone, Natalie Marcus. (Netflix)
Himself, What Ever You Say, Nir Zehavi.

Big Yakov, Sand Flakes, Gitit & Yahel Kabiri.
Ilan , Perfect Strangers, Lior Ashkenazi.
Oded, Because You Are Ugly, Sharon Engelhart.
Meir, Menpower, Noam Kaplan.
Pinchas, You Don’t Mess With The Zohar, Dennis Doughan & Adam Sandler.
Yossi, Under Tha Same Sun, Samekh Zuhabi.
Yiftah , Atomic Falafel, Dror Shaul.

Yossi has studied acting in Beit Zvi School Of The Arts in Israel. He also studied film at NYU And screenwriting at Idit Shchori School Of Screenwriting. He has directed numerous plays for the theatre and has two tv pilots , as executive producer ,in the making

He has won the TV award for his role Yaniv in Yellow Peppers, and was nominated for the role of Itamar in Hakol Dvash and for Dari in Waking The Bear. He was also nominated for the academy award for the role of Meir in Menpower.

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