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Yoav Shutan-Goshen

Yoav Shutan-Goshen (1980) is an acclaimed Israeli writer.
He was nominated for best scriptwriter of the year (Commandments, 2018), and was nominated for best for playwright of the year in the Israeli theater awards (King of Dogs, 2017). Served as a Warrior and commander in the Special Forces, Unit 669 (Combat Search & Rescue extraction unit).

As a scriptwriter, Shutan-Goshen created and wrote the prime-time TV Show Kipat Barzel (`Commandments` – Keshet, channel 2), that won awards and participated in international festivals); His debut feature film Cursed (`Mekulalim`) released in 2018.

As a playwright: Love and the Plague (The Cameri Theater, 2021), One night, Markovitz (Beit-Lessin, 2019), King of Dogs (Beit-Lessin 2017), Donna Flore and her husbands (an adaptation of jorge Amado’s novel, Beer-Sheva Theater, 2017); Mr. Vertigo (an adaptation of Paul Auster’s novel, Gesher, 2015); The center for wondering (Haasimta theater, 2014).
His debut novel, One Time, One Woman (Zmora-Bitan, 2017) was a best seller. Participation in Jerusalem Book Fair event for young promising Israeli writers, (2017).

Shutan-Goshen gave talks about his works at UCLA, Berkeley and SFSU. He teaches at Sapir college & the Center of Law and Business, The Goodman Acting School (since 2011). He will teach a semester in UCLA.

Education: LLB in Law and BA in the Multidisciplinary program in the Humanities, Tel Aviv University; 2004-2008. Summa cum laude; Screenwriting studies, Sam Spiegel film ans Television school, Jerusalem (2013), Summa cum laude

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