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Yali Sobol

Musician and Author

Mr. Sobol began his musical career as the soloist of the band “Monica Sex” in the mid-1990’s. The band released the bestselling album “Wounds and Kisses”.
In 1999, three years after the band broke up, Sobol released his first solo album, “Horse” for which he wrote all the original

lyrics and music.
He also collaborated with Maor Cohen, formerly of “The Flies”. In 2000, Sobol brought Monica Sex together to record a second album: “Open Relationship”, which was released a year later.
In 2003, the band released its third album, “Pets”, and played on Shalom Hanoch’s album “Israeli Light”, joining him on tour.
That same year, Yahli collaborated with singer Danny Sanderson.
In 2005 he collaborated on the score for Shay Kanot’s film “A Wolves’ Moon”.
In 2006 he was part of “Project 30” along with Sagi Zoref, Elad Cohen, Assaf Amdursky, Melanie Peres and others), and also went on tour with Amir Lev.
In 2008 he released “El Dorado”, a collaboration with Rea Mochiach, which included the singles “Soldier for Hire” and “Getting Closer to Tel Aviv”.
Sobol has also written songs for leading Israeli singers, including Arik Einstein, Yehudit Ravitz, Izhar Ashdot, and others.
In recent years, Sobol has turned to writing prose along with his musical work.

Literary Translations:
Mr. Sobol has translated two novels from English for Maariv – “Second Marriage” by Frederick Barthelme, and “Chump Change” by Dan Fante, as well as Jack London’s “White Fang” for Modan (2009).

Literary Work:
Mr. Sobol has written two novels – “Between Apartments”, published in 2004 by Babel Publishing, and “Key Money”, published in 2006 by Kinneret Zmora-Bitan.
Since 2007 he has been writing a weekly column for “Ha’ir” magazine in Tel Aviv.

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