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Shirili Deshe

Director, Screenwriter, Playwright, Actress

Ms. Shirili Deshe is a graduate of the Thelma Yellin School of Arts, majoring in theater.
She is also a graduate of the Jacques Lecoq School of Theater in Paris, 1990.
Formerly a theater actress, she currently writes and directs for the theater and television.
Among her recent works, she is the co-director of the Indian performance Baharati 2 (Paris).
As Director:
• “Golden Girls” comedy series for Channel 10
• “Two Are Better” – children’s play, Orna Porat Theater for Children
• “Pasha” – documentary series for HOT
• Laslau Lo Nacha – Comedy Show
As Writer:
• Co-writer of “Billy Schwartz” the musical (Haifa Theater)
• Co-writer “Sherlock – The First Case” (Orna Porat Theater)
Contributing writer:
• On Miracles
• This Child is Me
• Motek Shel Festival 6+7
• Shulem for the World
• Mivtza Saba
• Dover Ivrit
And many more…


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