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Shaul Betser

שאול בצר

Director and Screenwriter

Mr. Betser has carried out numerous projects in the field of television.
Some selected samples include:
• The comedy drama “Beware, Camera!” (Channel 2, Keshet)
• Mockumentary “Real Life” (Channel 10)
• “The Hebrew Superhero” – A film about the history of Comics in Israel (Channel 8)
• “Isaac Bashevis Singer’s Muses” – a film about Singer’s translators/mistresses (Yes Docu)
• “I Married a Football Player” – A comical documentary series about football wives in Israel (Channel 2, Reshet)
• “Dudu Geva’s Last Interview” (Channel 2, Keshet)
• “The World of Renault Pascale” – A satirical investigative show (Beep-Keshet)
• “Toffee and the Gorilla” (Beep)
Mr. Bester has participated in many other projects for the internet and television.

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