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Sarit Yishai Levi

Journalist and Author

Ms. Levi was born in Jerusalem.
Books and Novels Written:
•”The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem”, Modan Publishing
•”Little Mouse Macaroni and Baloney the Pony” (Children’s book) – Modan Publishing, 2015
•”Guesthouses – North” – Modan Publishing
•”Guesthouses – South” – Modan Publishing
•”The Good Life: Israel” – Dolce Vita Publishing
•”Strauss: The Story of a Family and an Industry” – Keter Publishing
Ms. Yishai Levi’s novel “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” has been published into four languages: English, Turkish, German, and Italian. It was published in Italy and Turkey in 2015 and the US, Canada, the UK and Germany in 2016. The book has been adapted into a screenplay and is scheduled for production by Micha Shrapstein and the Edri Brothers in 2017.
Highlights of Journalistic Career:
•1973 – 1974 – European correspondent, Magazine Edited by Tommy Lapid
•1974 – 1986 – Haolam Haze, Edited by Uri Avnery – Head Interviewer
•1978 – 1980 – Monitin Magazine, Edited by Adam Baruch – Interviewer, Israel and US
•1987 – Exclusive interview with Hugh Heffner, CEO of Playboy, at Playboy Mansion in LA
•1987 – Interview with prizefighter Muhammad Ali
•1982 – Interview with PLO Leader Yasser Arafat during Lebanon War, at PLO Headquarters in Western Beirut. This was Arafat’s first ever interview for Israeli journalists. In collaboration with Uri Avnery and photographer Anat Saragusti.
•1982 – Interview with pilot Aharon Achiaz – the highest ranking POW in the Lebanon War, from his captivity in Western Beirut, in collaboration with Uri Avnery and photographer Anat Saragusti.
•1982 – 1985 – Hadashot – Magazine writer and columnist “Working Mothers”, including famous interview with Lily Sharon, where she called herself “Arik’s Geisha”.
•1992 – 2016 – Olam Haisha – Chief Correspondent. Among her interviews: an interview with Leah Rabin where Ms. Rabin first accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of inciting hatred leading to the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. Also: exclusive interviews with fashion designers Karl Lagerfeld and Roberto Cavalli.
•Columnist: Stalbet, Domestic Tourism
•1992 – Present Day: Ms. Yishai Levi presents tourism spots on Channel 10 and Channel 2, she has also hosted and presented travel shows on the Travel Channel.
•2013 – Content Editor, “Treasures of the Galilee” Initiative

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Photo: Elad Nachum, courtesy of “Olam Haisha”.

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