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Ron Leshem

Screenwriter, Author,   Producer.

2022 Primetime Emmy nominee executive producer, and an Academy Award-nominated screenwriter for best international film.

Leshem is a writer, author, and producer, most recently known for HBO’s “Euphoria”, which is also based on his original series. Leshem co-created and co-wrote Hulu and Arte’s Syrian Civil war drama “No Man’s Land”, and HBO Max’s war series “Valley of Tears”.

Leshem is a bestselling author, published in 20 languages. A winner of Israel’s top literary award, The Sapir Prize.

He co-wrote the Academy Award-nominated film “Beaufort”, and the film “Incitement” which won Israel’s Academy Awards for best film of 2019.

On Television, his work as creator and writer also includes the drama “The Gordin Cell”, adapted by NBC as ״Allegiance״. He served as a script editor for the dramedy “The Baker and The Beauty”, adapted by ABC.

As a TV executive, head of content and drama for Keshet TV, Leshem picked up and oversaw the development of “Prisoners of War” (The original of “Homeland”), “The A-Word”, “Traffic Light”, “Arab Labor”, and many other critically acclaimed international shows.

He started his media career as a news editor and a war correspondent, then served as deputy editor-in-chief of the second-largest circulated daily newspaper in Israel at the time.


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