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Rachel Sur

רייצ'ל צור

Rachel is an Israeli-American writer and alumna of Serial Eyes, Europe’s premier post-graduate training program for series writers and showrunners (DFFB, Berlin). She has an MFA in writing from Columbia University in New York, where she was awarded several fellowships, including the Creative Writing Teaching Fellowship.

Her feature film screenplay, Shiloh, was a finalist for the Phosphate Prize at the IFP in New York, and was selected for participation in the Stowe Story Labs. Her work has been awarded grants from the Zurückgeben Foundation and the Berlin Senate. She has written several scripts on commission, and worked for several years as a script editor and consultant, including for projects at MGM and Sony.

Rachel was a staff writer in a writers’ room for development of a Dutch police series, commissioned by Fiction Valley (Amsterdam) and HBO Max. Her latest series project (a political drama, with French co-writer Cyril Tysz) was selected for the Series Mania co-writing residency in 2023. Her original limited series, Someone Else’s War, is currently in development in Israel and takes place in Berlin. She is developing several other series, mostly drama/thrillers that take place in various regions, including Germany, France, Israel and the US.

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