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Ori Gruder

Ori Gruder aka Or Yashar (means Direct Light in Hebrew) is a scrip writer, a film director & a cinematographer.

Born in Israel in 1970, at the age of 18 he enlisted into the Israeli defense force and served as a photographer. He graduated (B.A) with honors from the Film & TV School at Tel Aviv University in 1998. Since then Ori has filmed and directed many films for all the Israeli TV channels. After becoming religious Ori specialized in Judaism, religion and New Age topics. By using a modern cinematic language with the ability to go deep into the ultra orthodox communitys, Ori’s films and series are opening a bridge between worlds. His projects won prizes and were screened at magor festivals around the globe. Some of Gruder titles are: Zoom, HamesimaX, The Truth, The Riddle, My Faith, Sacred Sperm, Happy Purim, Ranenu-I’m a Wonder Man, We’ll Meet Again (Od Nipagesh)…

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