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Noa Manheim

NOA MANHEIM is an essayist, editor, lecturer and literary critic. Recipient of the Excellence in Editing Award, 2021, and head of the Hebrew literature department at Israel’s leading publishing house, Kinneret Zmora-Bitan Dvir.
She edited over a hundred books in a wide variety of genres: literary fiction, children and YA, science fiction, fantasy, thrillers and even some non-fiction. Among the books she edited were four winners of the prestigious Sapir award: Beaufort by Ron Leshem, Favors and Pleasures, by Noa Yedlin, Tomorrow We’ll Go To The Amusement Park by Ilana Bernstein and Seven Ways Astray by Smadar Steinberg.
She has worked for many years as a literary and cultural critic and columnist in leading newspapers and magazines in Israel. Her collection of essays – The Life Fantastic: Myth, History, Pop and Folklore in the Making of Western Culture – was published in Israel in 2019 and became a best-seller. It was published in English by Watkins in 2022.
Manheim hosts a popular weekly cultural podcast – “The Sisters Grimm” on IDF radio, is a columnist for Israel’s leading economic magazine and has a regular literary spot on local television.
A graduate of Tel Aviv University’s film and television department, in recent years she took on screenwriting, script editing and developing television series, both at home and abroad. She was script editor for The Lesson by Deakla Keydar, which won the Best Series award at the Cannes Series festival, and the best series and best screenplay award in the drama category of the Israeli Academy of Film and Television. The Lesson was purchased by Netflix. She was writer and script editor for Red Skies, based on the novel by Daniel Shinar. The series won Best Series award at the Series Mania festival, as well as in festivals in Germany, India, and Brazil.

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