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Nava Semel (ESTATE)

Author, Playwright, and Screenwriter

(September 15, 1954 – December 2, 2017)

Ms. Semel was born in Jaffa. She has published nineteen books for adults and teens, as well as plays, opera libretti, poetry and screenplays. Her works deal with the Israeli family in the shadow of the Holocaust and the past, and have been translated extensively, winning many prizes.
Hat of Glass (1985) was the first Israeli novel to deal with the second generation of Holocaust survivors, and won the Mesua Prize from the Institute of Holocaust Studies. Her book “And The Rat Laughed”, about passing memories between generations, was published in English, German, Rumanian and Italian, and is soon to become an internationally produced movie.
In 2007, Ms. Semel won the “Woman of the Year in Literature” Award from the Municipality of Tel Aviv.
Her novel “Screwed on Backwards” (2012) about the rescue of a Jewish musician in Italy under the Nazi regime, was critically acclaimed and published in Italy.
Her most recent book, “Hymn to the Bible” was published in 2015, consisting of poetic rhymes about biblical characters, from a contemporary point of view.
Her most recent plays:
The Bell Maiden, A musical for the entire family (music: Ben Artzi; Director: Yael Tilman), was performed in 2012-2013 at Bet Lessin and the Mediatheque in Holon.
Paper Bride, an original musical, premiered at the Bat Yam Musical Festival (composer, Daniel Salomon, Director: Zedi Zarfati)
Back to IsraIsland, Performed by Itim Ensemble founded by Rena Yerushalmi (Director: Orly Rabinyan, actors: Gil Kopatsch and Hen Garti)
Ms. Semel also wrote the screenplay for “Whereabouts Unknown”, (director: Yahli Bergman), which was aired on Independence Day of 2013 on Channel 1.
Photo: Nitzan Lotem

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