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Mor Frank

Director, Screenwriter, Playwright

Ms. Frank holds an MA cum laude from the Department of Theater, Tel Aviv University, Directing Track. She has also studied Theater under Dudi Maayan at the Akko Theater. In 1995 she completed her BA in Directing at Tel Aviv University’s Department of Theater.

Selected Works – Directing, Adaptation and Writing
• 2015 – Director: “Relocation” by Mike Bartlett, independent production with Keren Mor and Yuval Sherf, in collaboration with Zappa
• 2014 – Director: “The Professional”, by Dusan Kovacevic, Han Theater
• 2013 – Adaptation and Directing: “He Walked in the Fields”, based on Moshe Shamir’s book, Ruth Kanner Theater Group, Tel Aviv Museum
• 2011 – Adaptation and Directing: “If This is a Man” by Primo Levi, Han Theater. The play was adopted by the Yad Vashem Institute
• 2009 – Adaptation and Directing, “The Chinese Knife Grinder” by Danny Horowitz, based on Nissim Aloni’s stories, Han Theater
• 2008 – Writer and Director, “Possessions”, based on 16th century tales of possession, Habima Theater for the Israel Festival
• 2006 – Director, “Three Waiting Women” by Remo Binosi, Han Theater
• 2005 – Adaptation and Directing, “The Bald Prima Donna” by Eugene Ionesco, Han Theater
• 2004 – Director: “The Road to Ein Harod” by Amos Keinan, Akko Festival. The play won an honorary award for ensemble acting.
• 2004 – Wrote and directed the play “Death Sits Beside Me”, based on the Owl Tales by Nissim Aloni – A collaboration between Habima and Han theaters
• 2003 – Write the play “Me and Him”, with Michal Vered, Habima Theater, as part of the Teatroneto Festival
• 2003 – Dramaturg for “Black Box” by Amos Oz, directed by Hanan Snir, Habima Theater
• 2002 – Theatrical Consultant for “The World is Round” by Gertrude Stein. The play won honorary mention at Akko Festival.

Directing and Instruction at Academic Institutions –
• 2015 – 2016 – Acting Teacher, Nissan Nativ Studio, Teacher of Directing at Kibbutz Seminary
• 2015 – Director: “Gan Riki”, Nissan Nativ
• 2011 – 2013: Teacher of Acting at Minshar School of Art
• 2011 – Adaptation and Director: “Long Live the Fifth Brigade” by Amos Keinan, Department of Acting, Minshar College
• 2010 – Adaptation and Director: “Other People’s Parties”, based on short stories by Liliana Hecker, Department of Theater, Haifa University. The play was booked for the International Writers’ Festival in Jerusalem, and performed it in the writer’s presence
• 2002 –Adaptation and Directing: “Instructions on How to Kill Ants in Rome”, based on a short story by Julio Cortazar, Department of Theater, Kibbutz Seminary
• 2002 – Directing and Hebrew Version of Edward Albee’s “The Zoo Story”, Department of Theater, Tel Aviv University
• 2001 – Directing, “Blood Wedding” by Federico Lorca, Tel Aviv University, Final MA Project
• 2000 – Directing, “Ant Here, Over and Out” by Sarit Goren, Tel Aviv University. The play was performed by Hasimta Theater as part of the Original Theater Week.

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