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Liad Shoham

Author, Screenwriter and Lecturer

Mr. Shoham is a lawyer and one of Israel’s leading suspense and thriller writers. His books have all become bestsellers and have been translated into many languages, including English, French, German, Danish, and Italian.
Among his books: “A Week in the Life”, “Unlisted Number”, “Retrial”, “Lineup”, “Fruits of the Poisonous Tree”, “Asylum City”, “Blood Oranges”.
Children’s Books: “Daddy Builds a Cake” and “My First Goal”.
Humoristic Novels: “London in a Pita”, “Life on Diagonal”, and “Extra Small”.
He has also written a book about Bible stories entitled “God’s Gang”.
Mr. Shoham has collaborated in the creation and writing of television series and regularly consults creators and writers.
He gives lectures about his own personal route to writing, about writing books and especially crime and suspense novels, about life in two worlds (law and literature), and the transition into other languages.
He has been a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 1997 and is a partner in a Tel Aviv based law firm.

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