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Jonathan Bar Giora

Film omposer, Producer & Arranger  

Jonathan Bar Giora is an Israeli pianist, composer, and musical producer- arranger.

,Since 2000, Bar Giora has composed scores and soundtracks for over 150 Israeli films among them Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi,[1] Time of Favor, Queen Shoshana, Salech po ze eretz Israel, Aviva, My Love and many others. He also worked as a composer with Israeli performers such as Yossi Banai, Rita, Miri Mesika, Ester Rada, Meir Banai, Alon Eder and many others. .

During the years 2011-2015 he was the head of the department of film music and sound design in the School of Audio & Visual Arts at Sapir Academic College, where he continues teaching as a senior lecturer. He also teaches at Beit Berl College and in Ma’aleh School of Television, Film and the Arts.



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