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Ishai Adar

Ishai Adar is a film composer, sound designer, and multidisciplinary artist. He is an award-winning composer known for his unique work techniques, creating an uncommon and mystifying sound environment. His compositions range from uplifting ambient soundscapes to experimental sound, showcasing his self-taught musical talent and vast range of influences.
Being the son of a cellist, Ishai Adar benefitted from an extensive musical background and a variety of sources of inspiration. At the young age of 16, he co-founded the legendary Israeli band Nos’ei Hamigbaat (The Top-Hat Carriers) and later went on to release several self-produced independent albums.
In addition to composing soundtracks for films, Ishai Adar also delves into creating music for video art, sound installations, and designing sound for digital interfaces in the technology field. His expertise extends beyond composing as he serves as a lecturer and heads the soundtrack department at Sapir College in Israel. Ishai also leads workshops for music and film students worldwide, sharing his knowledge and passion for the craft.

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