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Gadi Taub

Dr. Gadi Taub is an Historian, author and a screenwriter.
His published essays and articles and his original and unique voice are challenging his readers over and over.
His best seller novel ALLENBY was a break throw piece giving voice to parts in the Israeli society that the local literature never had the courage to handle before.
The novel was adapted by the author (together with Erez Kav El) to a hit TV series for the Israeli channel 10. The series produced as a remake by the Turner Latin American in Brazil.
Taub children books, THINGS I KEEP TO MYSELF and THINGS I KEEP FROM YAEL became classics, and was fundamental books for generation of kids in Israel. His young adult novel THE WITCH FROM 3rd MELCHET ST. won the top Wolf Prize for young adult literature.
Taub was head writer and co-director (with Marco Carmel) of RESHET 13 hit TV series HAREM.
He teaches screenwriting at the Hebrew University’s Department of Communications and Media, where he is also a faculty member.
Mr. Taub holds a Ph.D. in American History from Rutgers University in New Jersey.

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