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Dror Mishani

Dror A. Mishani is a best-selling crime writer, screenwriter and literary scholar, specializing in the history of crime fiction, and head of the creative writing program in Tel Aviv University.

Books: His first three international best-sellers in the Inspector Avraham series, “The Missing File” (HareperCollins, 2013), “A Possibility of Violence” (HarperCollins, 2014), and “The Man who wanted to know everything” (HarperCollins, 2016), were translated into more than 20 languages.
They were shortlisted for the CWA international dagger award and the Grand Prix de Litterature Policliere and won the prestigious Martin Beck award for best crime novel translated to Swedish and the Grand Prix du meilleur Polar de lecteurs de Points. His last novel, “Three” (published in Hebrew in 2018), is a best-selling stand-alone thriller, that will be published in English, French, German and other major languages in 2019-2020.

Television and film: A cinematic adaptation of “The Missing File” was made by French film director Eric Zonca (“Black Tide“, 2018, with Vincent Cassel and Romain Duris) and an 8 episodes TV drama based on the first novles in the series was made by Keshet Studios in Israel (expected to premiere in Kan11 during May 2019).
Wisdom of the crowd“, an American crime drama produced by CBS (2017) is based on an original idea by and executive produced by Mishani, as well as another series “Prisoniero numero uno“, a 60 episodes drama by Telemundo (expected July 2019).
Mishani was script-editor of two Israeli TV series (“The Missing File” and “The informant“, yes, expected 2020) and is now writing a TV drama for Keshet studios with Shira Hadad.

International praise for Dror Mishani’s novels:

– “Impressive! Dror Mishani writes with profound originality”,
Henning Mankell, Sweden

– ” Dror Mishani has reached world league of crime fiction”,
Tobias Gohlis, Die Zeit

– “The freshness of Mishani’s novels comes from its striking locale (…) and from the way the story is told through alternating points of view”,
Tom Nolan, Wall street Journal, US

– “With a refreshingly self-doubting protagonist (…) both tense and touching”,
Laura Wilson, the Guardian, UK

– “A subversive take on the standard police procedural with ruminations on the crime novel”,
Declan Burke, the Irish Times, Ireland

– “Israel is back on the map of crime fiction!”
Elmar Krekeler, Die Welt, Germany

– “Like Swedish author Arne Dahl, Mishani offers us elegant, efficient and realistic crime fiction”,
Tobias Gohlis, Die Zeit, Germany

– “Dror Mishani marvelously handles the art of suspense”,
Eve Charrin, Les Echos, Frnace

– “A brilliant investigation, full of false leads”,
Macha Sery, Le Monde, France

– “Dror Mishani is one of the greatest new writers in the genre”,
Erik Jensen, Politiken, Denmark

– “A psychological drama that goes far beyond the standard thriller plot”,
Piotr Kofta, Wprost, Poland

– “Close to perfection”,
Fred Braeckman, De Morgen, Belgium

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