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Daphna Silberg

Theater director

Lives and works in Tel-Aviv.

Graduate with honors of the MFA program in theatre directing (Department of Theatre Arts) and BFA program in screenwriting (Film and Television department), both in Tel-Aviv University. Member of the 2014 Lincoln Center Directors Lab.

Euphoria – the world’s happiest city by Nevo Ziv (Haifa Theatre);

The Hunt (based on Hunting Scenes from Lower Bavaria) by Martin Sperr (Goodman – acting school of the Negev, 2016);

Be My Baby by Amanda Wittington (Performing Art studio founded by Yoram Loewenstein, 2016); Playwright and director of Ticket to the Circus (Tmuna theatre, 2015); ; The Golden Dragon by Roland Schimmelpfening (Acco fringe theatre festival, 2014); Playwright and director of Spermology (Tmuna theatre, 2014); The Maids by Jean Genet (Beit-Zvi – School of The Performing Arts, 2014); Scenes from an Execution, by Howard Barker (Goodman – acting school of the Negev, 2013); Director and translator of Tales from Vienna Woods by Odon Von Horvath (Final project at TAU, 2013); Director and translator, Whose Life Is It Anyway? (Hosted at Habima National Theater, 2012-13); Playwright and director, Mother Needed (Bat Yam International Street-Theatre Festival, 2010); Playwright and director (based on a short story by Asaf Tzipor)of In the Theater(Short Theatre Festival, Tzavta Theater, 2010); Playwright and director Every Artist Has A Mother (Small-Bama festival, TAU 2009).

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